Haida Marine Planning

Directed by Urban Rez Productions

This six-part series produced by the CHN Marine Planning Program features interviews with Haida matriarchs, chiefs, and politicians speaking about the ocean and marine planning on Haida Gwaii. The series focuses on Haida values and the responsibility we have to take care of the tang.gwanaay the ocean, as well as next steps marine planning partners will be taking to ensure tang.gwanaay is protected for future generations.

Our Place

Our Mandate, Our Values

The Haida Gwaii Marine Plan

Community-based Fisheries Economy

Marine Tourism

Moving Forward

Haida Gwaii: Restoring the Balance

Directed by Bruce Marchfelder

The conflict over forestry operations on Lyell Island in 1985 was a major milestone in the history of the re-emergence of the Haida Nation. It was a turning point for the Haida and management of their natural resources.

Haida Gwaii: Restoring the Balance

The Great Bear Sea

Directed by Karen and Ralf Meyer, Greenfire Productions

The Great Bear Sea is a wild expanse of ocean where whales, wolves, bears and humans thrive in rich coastal ecosystems. The Great Bear Sea is also a place where worlds collide – a place full of historic conflicts, emerging struggles over ocean resources, and globally leading solutions.

Now 18 First Nations and the Province of BC have crafted marine plans for the Great Bear Sea to protect marine ecosystems and build sustainable coastal economies. Meet people and communities along the coast of BC who are working to put the marine plans into action.

The Great Bear Sea

All Over the Haida Gwaii MaPP

European Green Crab – Invasive Species

Directed by Gaëtan Lamarre, Silent Rapids Productions

After invasive European green crabs were discovered on Haida Gwaii in the summer of 2020, a busy field season started to assess how far this invasive species has spread. Learn more about how the Council of the Haida Nation, the Province of BC and partners are responding to this invasion, how you can identify the European green crab and report your findings.

All Over the Haida Gwaii MaPP - European Green Crab - Invasive Species