Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area Initiative

This initiative focuses on the development of an ecosystem-based framework for the Pacific North Coast area and is intended to produce high-level marine planning goals, objectives and strategies at a broader scale.


The Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area initiative’s aim is to engage all interested and affected parties in the collaborative development and implementation of an integrated management plan to ensure a healthy, safe and prosperous ocean area. The draft PNCIMA plan was released in 2013.


The draft PNCIMA plan is a high level and strategic document that provides direction on and commitment to integrated, ecosystem-based and adaptive management of marine activities and resources. This enables marine planning, management and decision-making to occur at appropriate spatial scales.


PNCIMA extends from the Canada–US border in the north, west to the toe of the continental shelf off of Haida Gwaii, to Brooks Peninsula on northwest Vancouver Island and Quadra Island in the south.


The PNCIMA plan was cooperatively developed by First Nations, Canada and BC, through engagement with communities, stakeholders and the public.


In early 2017, on behalf of all partners, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, First Nations, and the Province of B.C. signed off on the PNCIMA Plan. Discussions are ongoing regarding implementation of the draft PNCIMA plan.