Marine Planning Program

The Council of the Haida Nation Marine Planning Program (MPP) is staffed by a group of marine planning professionals who provide expertise and technical support for the CHN’s marine planning and plan implementation initiatives, including:

  • Haida Gwaii Marine Plan
  • Gwaii Haanas Gina ‘WaadluXan KilGuhlGa Land-Sea-People Management Plan
  • SGaan Kinghlas-Bowie Seamount Marine Protected Area Management Plan
  • Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Plan
  • Marine Shipping and Safety Initiatives
  • Marine Protected Area Network planning for the Northern Shelf Bioregion

In addition, MPP provides support for other marine-related initiatives, including: reconciliation, cooperative and coordinated management with BC and Canada, solutions table support and communications and outreach.

Haida engagement in CHN’s marine initiatives draws on the expertise and knowledge of the Haida Marine Work Group, supported by MPP. Stakeholder engagement related to the CHN’s marine planning initiatives is also supported by MPP in collaboration with marine planning partners.

Program Manager: Niisii Guujaaw
Executive Assistant: TBD
Project Manager and Marine Planner: TBD
Marine Biologist/Planner: Skil Jáada Vanessa Zahner
Marine Planner: K’aayhlda Xyaalaas Rayne Boyko
Marine Planner: Noah Eisner
Marine Planner and Analyst: Kil Hltaanuwaay Tayler Brown
Haida Gwaii Marine Plan Project Manager: Julien Braun
European Green Crab Response Coordinator: Laís Chaves
European Green Crab Assistant: Gin Kampen
Marine Senior Biologist: Stuart Crawford
EBM Monitoring Coordinator: Hannah Bregulla
Marine Economic Development Coordinator: TBD
Shipping and Marine Safety Project Manager: Olivia Choi
Shipping and Marine Safety Coordinator: TBD
Shipping and Marine Safety Administrator: TBD
Geographic Response Strategy Coordinator: Luguud Shaun Edgars
Geographic Response Strategy Intern: Chris Gagnon
Marine Awareness Engagement Officer: TBD

Haida Marine Work Group | Haida Oceans Leadership Committee

The Haida Nation formed the Haida Marine Work Group in August 2006 and tasked it with the responsibility of identifying Haida priorities to inform marine planning processes occurring in Haida Gwaii waters. The Work Group continues to meet regularly with the Marine Planning Program to provide feedback on CHN marine planning and implementation activities.

The Haida Oceans Leadership Committee (HOLC) consists of the CHN-appointed members to committees of the Reconciliation Framework Agreement for Bioregional Oceans Management and Protection (RFA).

In February 2022, both Committees were combined into a joint Committee.

Council of the Haida Nation

President Gaagwiis Jason Alsop
Vice President Ginn wadluu un uula isdaa ayaagang Trevor Russ

Kuuyas 7waahlal gidaak Lisa Hageman, Xyallaga Daaguuyah Desi Collinson, Kung Xaangajii Shawn Cowpar (interim)
Alternates: Daal Skil Randolph ‘Randy’ Pryce Jr, Guuday Guud Dlaaya Vince Collison

Hereditary Chiefs Council
Gaahlaay Lonnie Young, 7idansuu Jim Hart
Alternates: Wigaanad Sidney Crosby, Stithlda Frank Collison

Old Massett Village Council
Patrika McEvoy
Alternate: Robert Brown

Skidegate Band Council
Trent Moraes
Alternate: Naajuuwa Michelle (Missy) McDonald

Haida Public
Michael McGuire, Arnie Bellis
Alternates: Captain Gold, Willie Davies