Haida Ocean Technical Team

The Council of the Haida Nation Marine Planning Program is staffed by the Haida Oceans Technical Team, a group of marine planning professionals who provide expertise and technical support for the CHN’s marine planning and plan implementation initiatives, including:

  • Haida Gwaii Marine Plan
  • Gwaii Haanas Land-Sea-People Plan
  • SGaan Kinghlas-Bowie Seamount Management Plan
  • Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Plan
  • Tri-partite shipping discussions
  • Marine Protected Area network planning for the Northern Shelf Bioregion

In addition, HOTT provides support for other marine-related initiatives, including: reconciliation, cooperative and coordinated management with BC and Canada, and communications and outreach.

Haida engagement in CHN’s marine initiatives draws on the expertise and knowledge of the Haida Marine Work Group, supported by HOTT. Stakeholder engagement related to the CHN’s marine planning initiatives is also supported by the Technical Team in collaboration with marine planning partners.

Manager: TBD
Project Manager: Lindsay Galbraith
Executive Administrator: Denise Olsson
Spatial Planner/GIS Analyst: Chris McDougall
Marine Planner: Molly Clarkson
Marine Biologist Planner: Lais Chaves
Ecosystem-based Management Coordinator: Stuart Crawford
Marine Economic Development Coordinator: Meghan Cross
Marine Safety and Shipping Coordinator: Jason Thompson
Junior Marine Biologist: Jaasaljuus Jakgujanaas
Gwaii Haanas Liason: Catherine Rigg
Contractor: Russ Jones
Members of the Haida Oceans Technical Team (October 2016) – from left to right : Molly Clarkson, Stuart Crawford, Meghan Cross, Russ Jones, Denise Olsson, Chris McDougall, Cathy Rigg, Lais Chaves.

Haida Marine Work Group

The Haida Nation formed the Haida Marine Working Group in August 2006 and tasked it with the responsibility of identifying Haida priorities to inform marine planning processes occurring in Haida Gwaii waters. The Working Group continues to meet regularly with the Haida Ocean Technical Team to provide feedback on CHN marine planning and implementation activities.

Council of the Haida Nation
Shawn Cowpar, Robert Bennett, David Smith
Alternate: William Russ and Tyler Bellis

Hereditary Chiefs Council
Gaahlaay Lonnie Young, Sgaann 7iw7waans Allan Wilson

Old Massett Village Council
Ross (John) Parnell

Alternate: Judy Williams
Skidegate Band Council
Michelle McDonald
Alternate: Trent Moraes
Haida Public
Michael McGuire, Daniel McNeill
Alternates: Captain Gold, Willie Davies
Haida Marine Work Group
Members of the Haida Marine Work Group and Haida Oceans Technical Team (HOTT) (August 2014) – from left to right: (Front) Russ Jones (HOTT), Allan Wilson, Harold Yeltatzie, Robert Davis (Back) Lonnie Young, Catherine Rigg (HOTT), Melinda Pick, Shawn Cowpar, Molly Clarkson (HOTT), Judson Brown. Present members not shown: Robert Bennett, David Smith, Michelle McDonald, Ross Parnell, Michael McGuire, Dan McNeil. Past Members: Barney Edgars, Ed Russ, the late Dempsey Collinson, the late John Williams, the late Ron Williams, the late Godfrey Williams, the late Reynold Russ.