Haida Gwaii Marine Plan

Developed cooperatively by the CHN and BC, this initiative provides operational direction for marine uses in the Haida Gwaii marine sub-region, including management direction for marine activities and a spatial management plan.


In April 2015, the Haida Gwaii Marine Plan was completed. The plan identifies acceptable marine uses that support sustainable communities on Haida Gwaii while protecting and, where necessary, restoring marine ecosystems. The Haida Gwaii Marine Plan is part of the broader First Nations-BC Marine Plan Partnership for the North Pacific Coast initiative.


The marine environment of Haida Gwaii faces a range of threats, challenges, and opportunities. Threats and challenges include deteriorating ocean health, species at risk, declining, collapsed or unsustainable fisheries, and increasing shipping traffic. Collaborative marine planning and implementation allows managers to address these issues in a holistic and integrated manner.


The Haida Gwaii Marine Plan area is defined by the Haida Statement of Claim (east/south), the international boundary with the United States (north), and the toe of the continental slope. The MaPP region extends from the Canada–US border in the north, west to the toe of the continental shelf off of Haida Gwaii, to Brooks Peninsula on northwest Vancouver Island and Quadra Island in the south.


The Haida Gwaii Marine Plan was jointly developed by the CHN and the Province of BC based on the input of the Haida community and other residents of the islands, stakeholders, local government and the broader public. Considerable input was also provided by the Haida Marine Work Group and the Haida Gwaii Marine Advisory Committee.


Completed. Implementation of the Haida Gwaii Marine Plan is now in progress.